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Copper Lightning Arrester

Pioneers in the industry, we offer lightning arrester, ese lightning arrester, lightning protection system, copper lightning arrester and surge arresters from India.

Features of Spike Lightning Arrester

  • Durable
  • Sturdy housing
  • Latest design

Specifications of Spike conventional lightning systems

  • Sr. No.Inner Strip SizeTerminal SizeTerminal125 X
  • 650 x 6G.I225 X 3 (Copper)50 x 6Copper325 X
  • 650 x 6G.I.425 X 3 (Copper)50 x 6Copper550 X
  • 350 x 6G.I.650 X 3 (Copper)50 x 6Copper750 X
  • 350 x 6G.I.825 X 3 (Copper)50 x 6Copper