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Maintenance Free Earthing Electrode

Trustpower are engaged in offering Special Maintenance Free Earthing products, which is widely used in the electrical and electronic industry. Effective earthing services are also rendered by our expert professionals. With use of latest technology and equipment, Trustpower are able to render effective services. Our services are also rendered to the clients at cost effective rates. Trustpower supply earthing material in various standard specifications, but these can be also custom made as required by the clients.

Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity 300 Set
Equipment Type Copper Bonded Grounding Rod
Material Copper
Usage/Application Industrial
Length of Rod 1 mtr to 3 mtr
Brand Trustpower
Thickness 16-18 Gauge

Maintenance Free Earthing Electrode

Model Overview:

Models Rod Diameter
Copper Bonding
tp 14.2/1CBR 14.2 1000 100/250 MICRON
T 14.2/2 CBR 14.2 2000 100/250 MICRON
tp 14.2/3CBR 14.2 3000 100/250 MICRON
tp 17.2/1 CBR 17.2 1000 100/250 MICRON
tp 17.2/2CBR 17.2 2000 100/250 MICRON
tp 17.2/3 CBR 17.2 3000 100/250 MICRON
tp 23.2/1 CBR 23.2 1000 100/250 MICRON
tp 23.2/2 CBR 23.2 2000 100/250 MICRON
tp 23.2/3 CBR 23.2 3000 100/250 MICRON